What's the Best Age to Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

What's the Best Age to Begin Orthodontic Treatment?
Posted on 02/07/2023

Orthodontics involves straightening the teeth for better oral health. Dr. Olson orthodontist in Litchfield Park has a dedicated staff to help you plan for your orthodontic journey. Generally, the best age to begin orthodontic treatment is age seven. Look at a few factors to consider as you contact our team.

Look for Issues Early On

Parents notice every detail of their children's health. Look for any dental issues as babies turn into toddlers and elementary-age children. If children suck their thumbs or have a lot of crowded teeth, visit the orthodontist as early as possible, suggests Colgate.

These factors can make the treatment necessary at an early age. Growing children respond well to orthodontic treatment because the tissues are still developing. Removing or straightening teeth only becomes harder as the child enters the teen years or older.

Watch the Baby’s Teeth

One of the best ways to know when orthodontic treatment is necessary is by watching the baby’s teeth. Orthodontists straighten the permanent or adult teeth. There's no need to treat baby teeth.

Once the last baby tooth has fallen out, schedule a visit with our doctor at Olson Orthodontics. A few adult teeth may be grown in, which can be treated with various orthodontic devices.

There can be complications with baby teeth, however, that should be checked by our orthodontist. If you notice that an adult tooth won't grow into the space left by a baby tooth, intervention may be required. Our orthodontist can install a device on the teeth to open up that space, allowing the adult tooth to slide down.

If you're not sure about a possible tooth impaction or other concerns, it's best to schedule an evaluation with one of our offices.

Work With Dental and Orthodontic Professionals

Children should start seeing a dentist as soon as their first teeth emerge. As the years go by, your dentist can give you an idea of how straight the teeth are growing. Annual x-rays show both the baby and adult teeth in full view.

If your dentist suggests orthodontic treatment, scheduling an appointment with our team is the next best step. We can look over the dental history, evaluate the child's teeth now and formulate a long-term plan. Call Olson Orthodontics right now!

Scheduling a visit with Dr. Olson orthodontist in Litchfield Park allows youngsters to meet the staff and learn about the next steps to straighter teeth. Orthodontics improves both the smile and confidence of every patient.

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