What should I expect to feel after I get my braces/start orthodontic treatment?

What should I expect to feel after I get my braces/start orthodontic treatment?
Posted on 12/10/2023

Beginning an orthodontic treatment at any age poses many questions. At Olson Orthodontics, our team can answer any concerns you have about wearing braces in Verrado, Arizona. Here we’ll highlight what you may experience and feel after your braces are put on.

Getting Comfortable With New Braces

When asked how it feels right after getting braces, the majority of patients simply say, “It feels weird.” Similar to adjusting to a new pair of shoes, it will take your body a few days to get accustomed to the feel of braces. At first your lips, cheeks and gums will feel different as they adapt to the presence of the braces. Typically in 2-5 days your mouth will feel ‘normal’ again. As noted in Medical News Today, you won't feel immediate pain or discomfort after having braces put on. Instead, you might notice pressure on the teeth and gums several hours afterward. Typically, some discomfort is normal for a few days as the braces apply gentle pressure to move your teeth. Teeth become sore and tender at first in response to the pressure. It's possible for the sensation to last for up to a week, but every person is different. Truthfully, discomfort is a subjective concept. If you have any concerns about the treatment, speaking to Dr Olson our orthodontist can help resolve any issues.

Finding Relief

Because braces in Verrado, AZ, shouldn't cause severe pain, taking simple steps for mild discomfort is usually sufficient. Consider these care suggestions, such as:

  • Eating soft foods, including soups, mashed potatoes, or pasta
  • Applying a cold compress to the cheeks to numb any discomfort
  • Using orthodontic wax on the brackets to diminish cheek pain

Over time, the discomfort will wane as the teeth align. Remember, the discomfort is the active treatment pushing on the teeth for a straighter smile. For any questions about your treatment, contact Olson Orthodontics today!

Understanding Subsequent Visits

As your discomfort subsides after braces installation, you'll often have another appointment in about 6-8 weeks. During this appointment, the orthodontist adjusts or replaces the wire. It's not unusual to experience some discomfort again after these adjustments. Typically, you'll have periodic appointments every six to eight weeks that systematically straighten the teeth. Indeed, prepare for each appointment by having soft foods ready for dinner or even taking an approved over the counter painkiller beforehand such as ibuprofen. In the end, your treatment will be as comfortable as possible.

Looking at Your Changing Smile

You might see a difference in your smile as early as a few months into treatment. If you regularly visit the doctor and avoid damaging the braces, then a streamlined treatment is possible. However, each patient has a unique pathway toward straight teeth. Preferably, discuss timelines with Dr. Olson so that you can understand your individualized treatment.

With diligent personal hygiene and regular visits, your orthodontic treatment can be as comfortable as possible. Speaking to Dr. Olson orthodontist is the first step toward a straighter smile. Contact Olson Orthodontics today!

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