The retention phase of orthodontic treatment is just as important as the active phase with braces or Invisalign. In fact, just because your braces are removed, it does not mean that your orthodontic journey is complete. The retention phase is key to the success of the entire orthodontic process. At Olson Orthodontics, we use retainers for a minimum of 24 months. This is because your teeth will not be rigidly set and without a retainer, your teeth will shift back to their original, misaligned positions. Retention is used for all patients in Litchfield Park including patients with braces, Invisalign, and adult orthodontics.

Purpose of a Retainer


Retainers are essential to orthodontic treatment. Once the active treatment phase is complete, our Litchfield Park orthodontist, Dr. Olson, will remove your braces or Invisalign and will discuss the retention phase with you. Initially, the soft tissues and gums in your mouth are still quite malleable, meaning that your teeth can shift back to their prior, misaligned position. This is not what we want. Olson Orthodontics wants your teeth to stay aligned and in the correct position, especially because you have worked so hard to get your teeth into the desired position! Wearing your retainer as directed by your orthodontist will ensure your teeth stay straight and correctly aligned for years to come.

Benefits of Wearing a Retainer

Dr. Olson in Litchfield Park wants each patient to understand the benefits of wearing a retainer and how it will help keep their smile straight and beautiful.

  • Stabilize Your Bite: When your braces are removed, the soft tissues in your mouth and bones still need time to adapt to their new position. By continually and consistently wearing a retainer, your tissues and bones will stabilize and any shifting that occurs will be minimal.
  • Wisdom Teeth: For most patients, they will receive early orthodontic treatment during their preteen and teen years, meaning right around the time that wisdom teeth show up. By wearing your retainer, you will ensure that the eruption of wisdom teeth will not move your straight teeth out of their new position.
  • Bones & Gums Are Aligned: Retainers not only straighten your teeth and keep them in the desired position, but they also align your bones and gums with your teeth. Your retainer will work to strengthen and stabilize your teeth along with your bones and gums.
  • Prevent More Orthodontic Treatment: By wearing your retainer every day and night, you will prevent your teeth from shifting, ultimately preventing more orthodontic treatment.

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