Adolescent Treatment

The teen years are marked by changes that are both exciting and challenging.  For many teens, orthodontic treatment is an important part of adolescence that sets the stage for excellent oral health in adulthood and creates an amazing smile for life . Excellent oral health is tied to overall physical health, which is one reason why orthodontic treatment done by Olson Orthodontics is an investment in your teen's future overall health.

Physical Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

It may seem odd that there is  any connection between braces and your teen’s overall physical health. Yet, studies have shown that the risks for many health and medical issues in the body, including cardiovascular disease,  increase with poor oral hygiene. Crooked, misaligned or widely spaced teeth can make maintaining good oral hygiene more difficult, and correcting these problems with braces or aligners can make teeth easier to keep clean and healthy, which positively impacts overall health for the future.

Speech Impediments Improve Too

If your teen has a slight lisp, orthodontic treatment may help correct it. The lisp often comes as a result of teeth not aligning properly and/or not allowing the tongue to touch teeth properly during speech. Since the teen years may have some awkward moments, a lisp or other speech impediment can make these years more awkward than necessary. Braces can improve things dramatically.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring in Teens Are Reduced or Reversed

As kids become teenagers, changes in the structure of their necks and throats may cause them to snore or stop breathing for very brief periods at night. This condition is known as sleep apnea. Braces correct the jaw alignment and may help open the breathing airway at the back of the mouth wider, resulting in structural changes that increase airway volume and may decrease or stop sleep apnea and snoring altogether. 

More air getting into your teen's lungs while he or she sleeps means he or she sleeps much better and is less tired during the day. Less tiredness during the day promotes alertness and can help teens perform better in school and other activities. Dr. Olson, orthodontist at Litchfield Park, AZ and Verrado, AZ, can demonstrate how orthodontics can change your teen's ability to get a better night's sleep.

Food Restrictions With Braces Make Your Teen Healthier

Perhaps the one thing that teens have the most difficulty with when it comes to orthodontia is the fact that there is a "no-no" list for foods. Most of the foods on it are things that teens eat a lot of, crave, but are not healthy for their growing bodies. That's good news for controlling what they eat and how much they eat. Popular junk food like chewy candy, chips and gum are on the ‘do not eat’ list with braces, so restricted these high-calorie, high sugar foods during orthodontics can reduce the risks of cavities and help overall diet.  Until patients are done with their orthodontic treatment, the braces help limit the consumption of sugary, fattening foods.

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