5 Benefits of orthognathic surgery

5 Benefits of orthognathic surgery
Posted on 07/10/2023

Orthognathic surgery is a specialized branch of oral surgery that focuses on correcting significant skeletal and dental irregularities in the jaw and facial structure. Also known as corrective jaw surgery, this surgical procedure aims to enhance facial aesthetics, improve functionality, and address various functional issues caused by jaw misalignments. Typically recommended for individuals with severe malocclusions, facial asymmetry, or obstructive sleep apnea, orthognathic surgery involves repositioning the upper and lower jaws to achieve optimal alignment and balance.

Providing orthognathic surgery orthodontics in Litchfield Park in conjunction with your preferred orthognathic surgeon, Olson Orthodontics utilizes advanced imaging technologies and precision techniques to provide patients a chance to improve both their appearance and quality of life significantly.

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Benefits Of Orthognathic Surgery

When it comes to corrective jaw surgery, Dr. Olson is an orthodontist that ensures meticulous evaluation and comprehensive treatment planning to tailor the approach to each patient's unique needs. If you are considering orthognathic surgery, consider these key benefits.

1. Improved Facial Aesthetics

Orthognathic surgery can significantly enhance facial harmony and balance by correcting misalignments in the jaw and facial bones.

2. Enhanced Dental Functionality

By aligning the jaws properly, orthognathic surgery improves the way the upper and lower teeth come together, resulting in better biting, chewing, and speaking abilities. This can alleviate issues like difficulty in eating certain foods, speech impediments, and jaw pain caused by a misaligned bite.

3. Alleviation of Breathing Problems

For individuals with obstructive sleep apnea or breathing difficulties due to jaw misalignments, orthognathic surgery can reposition the jaw, open the airway, and promote better airflow during sleep.

4. Corrective Orthodontic Outcomes

Orthognathic surgery is combined with orthodontic treatment to achieve optimal results. By aligning the jaws surgically, orthodontists can improve tooth positions more effectively and result in a more stable and long-lasting bite alignment.

5. Relief from TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders can cause significant pain and discomfort in the jaw joint. In cases where TMJ issues are related to jaw misalignments, orthognathic surgery can help realign the joint, alleviating pain and improving jaw function.

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If you are considering orthognathic surgery, reach out to our team of professionals. Dr. Olson is an orthodontist who provides expert orthodontic care. Combined with his compassionate approach, Dr. Olson and the team at Olson Orthodontics ensures that you will receive personalized care throughout your surgical journey. From meticulous evaluation and treatment planning to delivering exceptional results, we are dedicated to achieving both functional improvements and enhanced facial aesthetics. For orthodontics with orthognathic surgery in Litchfield Park, contact Olson Orthodontics today.

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