5 Reasons to Love Damon Clear Braces

5 Reasons to Love Damon Clear Braces
Posted on 11/10/2023

Olson Orthodontics aims for families to have a straight, healthy, and clean smile. However, we understand that one solution doesn't fit all. Everyone's needs are different. Therefore, we customize a solution that fits your specific needs. Children, teens, and adult braces in Verrado are one solution. Invisalign is available for teens and adults as well.

One type we offer is Damon Clear braces. The advanced teeth straightening procedure has five benefits the whole family will appreciate.

Almost Invisible

Damon clear braces contain clear brackets and metal wires. The wires are so small they're hardly noticeable, and the brackets match your tooth color. You can smile knowing you are wearing braces without people finding out. They stay invisible when you eat and drink, as the braces are stain-resistant.

Comfortable to Wear

Damon Clear Braces' small, smooth, and lightweight design is self-ligating. Its placement doesn't irritate your mouth, tongue, cheeks, or lips. Discomfort and sensitivity decrease because the pressure to shift teeth is less painful than traditional elastic-tied braces.

Fewer Visits

Advanced technology in Damon braces requires less tightening and adjustments than traditional braces. That means fewer trips to the orthodontist and more time for you to complete home and work errands. When it's time to visit the orthodontist in Verrado, the appointment will not last long. Contact Olson Orthodontics in Verrado to schedule an appointment.

Faster Treatment

Damon braces can straighten your teeth up to seven months faster, depending on your situation. Because of the self-ligating technology, the Damon Clear braces allow the wire to move teeth with less friction and force than traditional braces.  This can make tooth movement more efficient and overall treatment take less time.

Better at Oral Health Care

It's hard to clean traditional braces effectively because of the elastic ties that hold the wire in place. The wires, rubber bands, and brackets trap bacteria, plaque, and food. 

Meanwhile, Damon Clear braces have less material for bacteria, plaque, and food to hide since no elastic ties are needed to hold the wire. The design makes it easier to brush and floss your teeth.

You can't go wrong with Damon Clear braces. The nearly invisible design builds confidence when you smile because you straighten your teeth incognito. Dr. Olson will examine your teeth to see if Damon braces are a solution for your smile. Contact Olson Orthodontics for more information on children, teen, and adult braces in Verrado, AZ.

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