Should I Let My Teenager Get Invisalign?

Should I Let My Teenager Get Invisalign?
Posted on 11/30/2021

If your teenager is going to school in person and interacting with peers at their middle school or high school, chances are your teenager has talked to classmates with either Invisalign or metal braces. And if your teen needs orthodontic care, chances are they would prefer getting Invisalign Teen in Verrado, over getting metal braces or ceramic braces. Getting an Invisalign teen in Litchfield Park or Verrado may seem like the clear choice for your teen, due to the lack of metal brackets and easily removable aligners but is Invisalign the best orthodontic treatment for your child? Here at Olson Orthodontics we believe that everyone deserves beautiful teeth at an affordable price and with minimal discomfort, which is why we have put together this quick guide to whether Invisalign is right for your teenager. Find out the difference between getting Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Verrado or Litchfield Park below and how the two treatments compare to metal braces!

The Benefits Of Invisalign

Maybe you’ve heard of Invisalign, the revolutionary orthodontic treatment that can help you straighten your teeth with basically invisible aligners that you can remove at any time. Sounds too good to be true, right? But that isn’t even half of it getting Invisalign teen in Litchfield Park or Verrado comes with a whole host of other advantages:

  • Invisalign works faster than braces (typically in 18 months or under)
  • Clear aligners allow you to be confident in your smile even during treatment
  • You can easily remove your aligners for sports games, dates, or meals
  • Invisalign Teen includes usage indicators, so you can make sure your teen is using their Invisalign aligners

Is There Anything Invisalign Can’t Do?

We’ve told you all of the incredible benefits of getting Invisalign Teen in Verrado or Litchfield Park, but are there any drawbacks to Invisalign? In terms of its effectiveness and safety as a treatment no, Invisalign is not only faster, but in many ways it is more convenient. But some patients are better suited to traditional braces, instead of Invisalign. These cases are rare, but some patients with severe malocclusions can benefit more from the precise orthodontic treatment that braces offer. Similarly, if your teen is prone to losing things or may forget to wear their Invisalign, braces may be a stronger option.

Schedule A Visit With Olson Orthodontics Today!

If you are still on the fence about whether getting Invisalign Teen in Litchfield Park or Verrado is right for your teen, the easiest thing you can do to make a decision is to pay a visit to Olson Orthodontics. Our expert doctors and friendly staff will walk you through the various treatment options available to you or your teen and help you decide which path is best for you. And there is no need to stress either way, there is a beautiful straight smile at the end of the journey! Contact Olson Orthodontics today to learn more about getting Invisalign Teen in Verrado or Litchfield Park, or schedule an appointment online!

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