Easy Changes You Can Make to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Easy Changes You Can Make to Celebrate National Nutrition Month
Posted on 03/20/2021

Whether you just got braces or if you are adjusting to living with dentures, you may be wondering how your life is going to have to change in order to take care of your teeth—especially when it comes to what food you can eat with braces or dentures. It's true, braces and dentures do come along with some dietary restrictions, but luckily, making those changes often helps our patients transition to a healthier diet. In celebration of national nutrition month, we have put together a list of nutrition tips for braces wearers as well as our favorite nutrition tips for dentures wearers—so you can be good to your teeth while being good to your body. Check ou t these easy nutrition tips for dentures wearers and braces wearers below!

Eating With Braces and Dentures

The biggest threat to dentures and braces are foods that can dislodge, damage, or get stuck inside your braces or dentures. This means that sticky, chewy, and particularly hard foods are the ones you may need to stay away from. Any food that is difficult to break down in your mouth may force you to apply excessive pressure to your dentures or braces, damaging or dislodging them. Foods of this sort can include:

  • Caramels and candy chews
  • Hard bread or brittle crust
  • Peanut butter and other nut butters
  • Pretzels, popcorn, and other hard snacks
  • Tough meats including chewy steaks

The Best Foods for Braces and Dentures

Braces and dentures don’t just have to restrict your diet, they can also help you lead a healthier lifestyle. By embracing your new orthodontic treatment, you might make that dietary change that you’ve been meaning to since new years. In celebration of National Nutrition Month, here are some nutrition tips for braces wearers and dentures wearers to help you pick healthier foods to eat:

  • Cooked or sautéd vegetables
  • Fruit smoothies and shakes
  • Slow cooked meat, such as stewed beef or crock pot pork
  • Non-nut protein spreads
  • Baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, or yams
  • Soups and purees

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