5 Interesting Oral Surgery Facts and Myths

5 Interesting Oral Surgery Facts and Myths
Posted on 11/25/2022
Here at Olson Orthodontics, we've had a lot of people ask for clarification on various oral surgery 'facts' they've been told by friends and family or read about online. Let's face it, we've all heard these types of myths, from "Oral surgery is painful no matter what!" to "It isn't safe to go under anesthesia."

Part of our job is to dispel these rumors and give you the facts. Maxillofacial surgery - which is a fancy medical term for oral surgery - is any type of surgical procedure that is conducted on the face, jaw, neck, or soft tissue inside of a person's mouth.

These procedures aren't as scary as they sound. Let's go over the most common myths and give you the facts.

Myth: Oral Surgery Always Hurts

Fact: Some oral surgeries involve pain, sure, but not all of them are painful for everyone. Each of us has a different pain threshold, and the less invasive the surgery, the less likely it is that the surgery will involve much pain. Most oral surgeries are not classified as painful.

Myth: Recovering From Oral Surgery Takes A Lot of Time

Fact: There is an assumption that oral surgeries require a long recovery time. Truth is, the average recovery time is about three days. Even after a tooth extraction, you will only need a maximum of a week for your jaw to heal.

Myth: It Isn't Safe To Use Surgical Anesthetics

Fact: Let's face it, the scariest part of getting oral surgery is that initial poke of the needle to get the anesthesia in. The anesthesia used by oral surgeons has been rigorously tested for safety, and the chance that someone will have a bad reaction to them is pretty small. Oral surgeons have been specially trained to administer sedatives and anesthetics and have to continuously re-certify.

Myth: A General Dentist Will Get You The Same Results

Fact: While a general dentist can do a lot for your oral health, they are not a licensed surgeon. Getting oral surgery from a specialist will get you the best possible results since maxillofacial surgeons undergo a lot of extra training.

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