Oral Health Tips Which You Need This Christmas

Oral Health Tips Which You Need This Christmas
Posted on 11/07/2022

Why is Dr. Olson Orthodontist in Litchfield Park?

Dr. Chris Olson's life is filled with a myriad of hobbies and interests, but the one factor that remains the same every year is his emphasis on patient health and care. When you visit Dr. Olson's office for a consultation, you will leave with a clear understanding of his passion to care for you and an individualized plan to create your amazing smile. One question among orthodontic patients crops up at the end of the year when the holiday season arrives: how can we keep our teeth vibrant and healthy when faced with a plethora of sugary snacks and baked delights within arm's reach? Here's how to get started.

Tip 1: Don't Drop Your Oral Care Regimen While Away

All subsequent tips won't matter if you kick brushing, flossing, or rinsing your mouth to the curb. One of the core components of a healthy smile is a daily commitment to excellent oral hygiene. While Dr. Olson orthodontist at Litchfield park recommends brushing, flossing, and rinsing twice a day, patients can easily brush three and four times per day without side effects when done properly. As a rule of thumb, clean between your teeth and on each surface after a meal.

Tip 2: Purchase Travel-Sized Oral Kits

The idea of lugging our toiletries with us as we travel is annoying, so why not make things fun? When you arrive at your location, spend a few minutes browsing through the bright and vibrant oral kits lining the aisles at an airport gift shop or drugstore. By using newly-purchased items, you're more inclined to head into the bathroom and dedicate time to your oral routine while visiting friends and family across the nation.

Tip 3: Avoid Opening Drinks and Presents With Your Teeth

Have you ever received a present or a delicious bottled drink only to aggressively open the package with your teeth? Although we're all guilty of this act, shy away from using your pearly whites as a makeshift gift opener this year. Moreover, you can chew non-sugar gum to curb unruly and annoying hunger pangs and freshen your breath in a tight pinch. Not only will you trick your mind into thinking you're consuming a sugary meal, but your smile will benefit.

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