Common Bite Problems

Common Bite Problems
Posted on 04/23/2020
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Common Bite Problems

At Olson Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile, and we're proud to help our patients achieve one through high-quality orthodontic treatment. While every patient is unique, most people develop one of a few common bite problems, or malocclusions, that necessitate orthodontic treatment. Patient education is a vital part of successful orthodontic treatment, so we'd like to take this opportunity to shed some light on the most common bite problems and malocclusions. 

Common Orthodontic Malocclusions

The truth is, there are only a handful of unique bite problems, but most patients have some combination of malocclusions that makes up their orthodontic diagnosis. Your Litchfield Park orthodontist will help you understand the specifics of your condition, but here's a quick explanation of the most common malocclusions for patients to develop:

  • Crowding: The most common reason for braces, this occurs when there isn't enough room in the dental arch to accommodate all the teeth, causing them to grow in crooked. 
  • Spacing: This is the opposite of crowding, occurring when there's too much space in between the teeth. 
  • Underbite: This condition is characterized by a lower jaw that extends out past the upper jaw, so the lower front teeth sit outside the upper front teeth when the mouth is closed. 
  • Overbite: The opposite of underbite, this occurs when the upper teeth stick too far out past the lower teeth. In extreme cases, an overbite can cause the lower teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.
  • Upper Front Teeth Protrusion: This is similar to an overbite except that the upper teeth lean out at an angle, putting them at increased risk of trauma. 
  • Crossbite: In crossbite, the lower back teeth sit outside the upper back teeth, causing problems with jaw alignment. 
  • Mismatched Dental Midlines: This problem occurs when the back bite is improperly formed, causing problems in bite and jaw function. 

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These are all of the most common orthodontic problems, but most orthodontic conditions are complex and involve multiple malocclusions at once. Think you may have one of these problems and ready to finally achieve a new smile? We'd love to help. Contact us today to learn more about orthodontic treatment and schedule your consultation!

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