Ultimate Braces Style Guide 2021

Ultimate Braces Style Guide 2021
Posted on 01/11/2021

It's a common misconception that braces are a fashion nightmare, but there are many different kinds of braces, and many ways to style them so that they perfectly compliment your skin tone, coordinate with your outfits, and even make your teeth look whiter! We've made an ultimate style guide for 2021 so that you can take advantage of your braces' full fashion potential in the new year. Didn't you know that braces are totally trending?

Damon Braces

If you don't like to worry about the color of your braces, and want an option that either blends in completely with your teeth without discoloration, or a simple silver bracket with no rubber bands, then Damon Braces might be the best choice for you. They are self-tightening and require fewer visits to the orthodontist, and because they don't have color, they'll always match your outfit.

Color Coordinate

If you have traditional braces, they require little bands to hold the wire in place, and these come in different colors. Think about what colors you wear the most when you are choosing the color of your braces bands. You can change your mind every 6-8 weeks when your orthodontist replaces them, so you can even choose holiday or summer colors depending on the season. If you wear neutrals you could either compliment them with neutral colored braces, or make your braces the one thing in your outfit that pops! You could even choose glow-in-the-dark bands if you're feeling out of this world.

Compliment Complexion

If you have very light skin, avoid bright colors that will wash you out, and go for teals that contrast, or lighter pinks to make you look rosier. Medium skin tones are complemented by warmer green and blue, orange, and purplish berry colors. If you have darker skin, hot pink will look great on you, and so will bright colors like orange, green, and electric blue.

Let Your Teeth Shine Through

Just remember, if you choose clear bands, they can become discolored by coffee and bits of food. White bands are also a no-go because they will clash with your teeth's natural color and make them look yellow. Avoid a full set of light, pastel-colored bands for the same reason, and instead alternate them with a darker color.

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