Summer Recipes

Summer Recipes for Braces & Invisalign
Posted on 06/27/2019
Summer Recipes for Braces & Invisalign

Summer Recipes for Braces & Invisalign

Summer Recipes for Braces & Invisalign Summer is close at hand, and if you're heading into the sunny season with a new set of braces, you'll need to take care to avoid any foods that might damage them. Foods that are hard, crunchy, sticky, gooey, or loaded with sugar can all pose a threat to the metalwork of braces and the integrity of your teeth, so it's important to keep a close eye on your diet from the moment you get your braces. At Olson Orthodontics, our mission is to make the orthodontic treatment process as convenient as possible for our patients – so here are a couple of braces-friendly recipes you can enjoy this summer that won't post a risk for your braces.

Summer Berry Smoothies

If you're a resident of Litchfield Park, Verrado, or Buckeye, you know how punishing the heat of an Arizona summer can be – and few things can help keep you cool quite like an ice-cold smoothie. This simple, delicious berry smoothie recipe is the perfect way to beat the heat without beating up your braces!

  • 2 cups chilled or frozen blueberries
  • 4 cups chilled or frozen strawberries
  • 24 oz vanilla yogurt
  • 2 cups milk (can also substitute soy or almond milk)

This one is easy. Just throw all the ingredients into a food processor or a strong blender, then blend them together until you've got a smooth, silky texture. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!

Coney-Style Hot Dogs

If you're looking for a more substantial summer treat, hot dogs make the perfect summer snack. This simple recipe makes it easy to build your own summer hot dog inspired by the classic Coney Island dog.

  • 4 hot dogs of your preference
  • 4 hot dog buns
  • 10 oz of chili sauce (no beans)
  • 1 diced onion
  • 4 tbsp yellow mustard

First, preheat an outdoor grill to medium-high heat, then throw the four hot dogs on the grill and cook for 5-8 minutes or until browned, turning periodically. When the hot dogs are close to done, throw on the buns to lightly toast them.

As the dogs cook, heat the chili in the microwave for 1 minute or warm in a saucepan over medium heat. Place the hot dogs in the buns, then carefully top each dog with chili sauce, onion pieces, and mustard to taste. Serve and enjoy!

Contact Your Litchfield Park, AZ Orthodontist

We hope these recipes add a dash of braces-friendly flavor to your summer this year, and as always, we're here to help if you have questions about eating with braces or treatment in general. Just give us a call at (623) 536-7004 or reach out to us at our contact page with questions or to schedule a check-up at one of our offices. We can't wait to hear from you, and we wish you luck in maintaining a braces-friendly diet this summer!

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