Fixed vs Removable Retainers

Fixed vs Removable Retainers
Posted on 06/10/2023

At Olson Orthodontics in Litchfield Park, we have an array of options to help you achieve your best smile. If you have already worn braces and need retainers, we can help you find the ones that are appropriate for you. You can choose either fixed or removable retainers, and in most cases we recommend both. This is how they compare.

What Are Fixed Retainers?

Dr Olson orthodontist Litchfield Park offers both fixed and removable retainers at his office. Fixed retainers are like lingual braces as they are glued on the undersides of your teeth to help retain the new proper alignment of your teeth. They are made of a thin metal wire and are bonded directly to the teeth to stay in place, hence the name “fixed” retainers. Fixed retainers are often placed on the first four to six teeth because they are the most likely to shift after completing your orthodontic treatment.

What Are Removable Retainers?

You can also get removable retainers from your family orthodontist Litchfield Park. We recommend removable retainers in addition to fixed retainers for most patients in order to maintain the alignment of the back teeth and to keep the smile wide.  Removable retainers are exactly as they sound: they can be removed, making it easier to eat and perform your regular oral hygiene routine without issue.

How Do Fixed and Removable Retainers Compare?

If you are on the fence about which kind of retainers you want, Dr. Olson Orthodontist Litchfield Park can help you decide. Understanding how they compare can help you make up your mind.

Fixed retainers remain on your teeth indefinitely, so they can provide greater insurance to prevent your front teeth shifting back into the wrong position. Removable retainers can be taken out so you can better clean your teeth and not worry about excess food particles getting into them. Brushing and flossing are also much easier with removable retainers compared with fixed ones.

While wearing fixed retainers, no one will notice them due to the appliance being fixed to the undersides of your teeth. However, removable retainers may be noticeable to some.

With fixed retainers, you must be careful about what you eat as they can get damaged by hard, crunchy foods. Removable retainers allow you to eat whatever you want without such worries. However, because they can be removed, it’s easier to lose those retainers. Either situation can cost you more money when you need a replacement.

Olson Orthodontics and its skilled family orthodontist are here to help you find the best treatment to fit your needs. Contact us at (623) 536-7004 to schedule an appointment today.

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