My Invisalign Trays Are Yellow; What Can I Do?

My Invisalign Trays Are Yellow; What Can I Do?
Posted on 08/11/2023

Olson Orthodontics is the dental care facility for families at Verrado and Litchfield Park. Dr. Chris Olson and his staff correct tooth alignment issues to improve oral health. By applying Invisalign trays to your mouth, children, teens, and adults will gain a beautiful and healthy smile.

What Causes Invisalign Trays to Develop Yellow Stains?

Since Invisalign trays are invisible, it's easy to notice stains. A yellowish discoloration occurs when you eat with the trays in your mouth. That may be easier, but you harm your trays when you keep them in your mouth. Solve this by removing your trays to eat and inserting them back in after eating.

Leftover food stuck in your mouth after eating is another reason for discoloration. Don't insert the trays back in your mouth immediately after eating. Instead, rinse your mouth with water to remove all lingering food residue, then insert the trays back in. At home, do your oral health regimen before inserting the trays.

Plaque, saliva, and bacteria in your mouth can also stain the trays. Dr. Chris Olson from Litchfield Park recommends rinsing Invisalign trays with warm water every time you remove them. You should rinse and brush them during your nightly oral health routine. Always store them in their protective case to protect them from damage. Smoking is the last cause of tray discoloration.

What Are the Proper Ways to Clean Aligner Trays?

It's crucial to clean Invisalign trays without damaging them. The cleaning routine should not jeopardize your oral health regimen either. Therefore, the best solution is to use the cleaning solution provided with the tray and a soft-bristled toothbrush. If you want to learn more about the cleanser or Invisalign trays, contact the family orthodontist at Verrado and Litchfield Park.

Other safe solutions are Invisalign cleaning crystals and tablets. Baking soda is a backup solution commonly found in households. They offer your aligner trays a way to soak when you add water. Use the soft toothbrush to scrub off stuck-on parts. That should be a different toothbrush from the one that brushes your teeth.

Ask someone at one of our facilities if vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or soap are safe for cleaning trays before use. Understand that the discoloration may not disappear altogether after cleansing them.

It's easier to stain Invisalign trays than to keep them white. Keep them clean by combining a regular checkup with an oral health routine. Besides, you will swap your old Invisalign trays for new ones in two weeks. The worry is temporary as long as you keep the new ones clean. For more information or to request an appointment, contact Olson Orthodontics at our Verrado and Litchfield Park locations in Arizona.

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