How Often Should You Change Your Invisalign Trays?

How Often Should You Change Your Invisalign Trays?
Posted on 09/10/2023

The best way to know how often to change your Invisalign trays is to work closely with your family orthodontist in Verrado. Together, you will follow your customized treatment plan to achieve stellar results. The professionals at Olson Orthodontics in Litchfield Park and Verrado/Buckeye will determine an effective schedule to help you reach your goal of a dazzling smile in as little time as possible. Get started today by making an appointment.

What Factors Determine My Invisalign Schedule?

Our Invisalign teen Verrado specialists consider several factors in planning your teeth straightening schedule. These include:

  • The degree to which your teeth need straightening
  • Whether you have any difficult issues to correct, such as overcrowding
  • If you wear your Invisalign trays according to the schedule
  • If your trays become damaged, causing treatment delays

As you might expect, teeth that need more correction or alignment may require more time between tray changes. Milder correction may progress more quickly. To find out your individual time frame, make an appointment with your family orthodontist in Verrado today.

What Is the Average Frequency for Changing Invisalign Trays?

Most Invisalign patients progress to a new set of trays in one to two weeks. This time frame is based upon wearing the trays from 20 to 22 hours per day, seven days per week. You only remove them when eating, brushing, or cleaning the trays.

Each new set of Invisalign trays continues the gradual process of nudging your teeth into place. Your treatment plan is designed to make this a relatively pain-free process, so changing the trays more frequently than your family orthodontist in Verrado recommends can cause soreness in your mouth.

Factors That Affect Tray Change Schedules

If you skip a day wearing Invisalign, that will cause a delay in your treatment. Also, if you wear them less than the recommended hours per day, you will not progress as quickly as your treatment plan predicts. These delays are not unusual with Invisalign teen Verrado patients or adults for that matter, but such delays add time to your treatment period.

Damage to the trays also affects how often you can change them. Tobacco use, boiling water, and chewing gum are some of the substances that can render your trays unusable. Cracked trays are ineffective, too. You will have to wait while your orthodontist fashions replacements and this adds time to your original treatment plan.

Get onboard with your Invisalign teen Verrado provider now to find out how this discrete teeth straightening method can work for you or your teenagers. Contact Olson Orthodontics at our Litchfield or Buckeye location now for an evaluation and personal consultation.

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