Cleaning & Caring For Your Damon Braces

Cleaning & Caring For Your Damon Braces
Posted on 04/12/2023

You'll find a commitment to excellent care in a professional yet friendly atmosphere here at Olson Orthodontics in Litchfield Park. We want to help make you proud of your smile. Find out how.

So You've Got Braces

It's an unfortunate fact of life that you have to put in some extra work to keep your teeth clean once you have braces. But if you follow these simple tips, it can make it easier to fit all that extra maintenance into your routine.
This care and cleaning routine is vital because it helps you avoid decalcification of your teeth along with a plethora of other oral health problems. These steps are also a good way to help ensure the treatment is as effective as possible in the long term.

The Basics

Remember to floss daily. It's also important to rinse thoroughly with mouthwash. This step is necessary to help any food particles break free that are likely wedged in between your teeth and your braces.
Teeth and braces need to be brushed after every meal. If you're not able to manage a full brush every time you eat, you should aim for at least three times a day

The Right Tools for the Job

A proxy or interdental brush is a vital tool to have for brace-wearers. When you brush, you have to get between every set of brackets. Brushes like these are designed specifically for this purpose. You should also check to see that the brush you use has soft bristles.
Since it can be hard to get the floss where you need it to go, there are helpful tools you can buy to make the process less of a chore. One of these is a floss threader, which allows you to direct the floss more precisely. Many people who wear braces also benefit from the use of super flossers and floss picks.

Proper Form

Angle your toothbrush so that it's at a 45-degree angle when you're cleaning. This applies to both the upper and lower areas. Make sure to get all surfaces as you use a circular brushing motion.
A thorough rinse should come after each brushing session. Take some time to look in your mouth to be sure that you've eliminated all the plaque and pieces of food.
While you're free to floss as often as you feel your mouth needs, once a day is all that is needed. But you do need to make sure you use the right kind of floss, which is waxed. If the floss doesn't have this wax coating, it's more likely to get stuck in your brackets and become a shredded mess in your mouth.
It's crucial that you get between every bracket beneath the wires. After that, you can floss as usual in the spaces between all of your teeth.<
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