How Long Do Orthodontic Retainers Last?

How Long Do Orthodontic Retainers Last?
Posted on 03/10/2023

When you meet with Dr. Olson orthodontist at Litchfield Park, you'll likely have all kinds of questions. One of those questions might be "How long will my retainer last?" In other words, "Will I have to wear a retainer for the rest of my life?"
There are a few types of retainers, and each one has a different average lifespan. Before you call to schedule your appointment, let's go over how long you can expect your retainers to last.

A Clear Retainer

Clear retainers are nearly invisible and are made from vacuum-formed plastic. They won't last forever, but if you take proper care of them, they often last 3-5 years or more!

A Fixed Retainer

Some patients benefit from permanent retainers, also called lingual or fixed retainers. This is a small, custom-fit wire piece bonded to the back of the front teeth to keep them from shifting. No one can see them when you smile or open your mouth to eat.
You will need to be mindful of your diet, avoiding hard or sticky food that could destroy the wires. You will also need to keep up your oral hygiene and monitor for any changes since a detached wire can result in teeth trying to shift.

Why Choose Dr. Olson Orthodontist Litchfield Park
An orthodontic retainer can last for years if properly maintained. Dr. Olson will make sure that you get the right fit on your retainer and guide you through all proper care procedures. If anything does happen to your retainer, we are only one phone call away.
Ready to schedule your first appointment? Contact Olson Orthodontics today to set it up or ask any questions you might have about getting orthodontic work done. We are here to help your smile shine even brighter!

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